Partners Kosova, under the project “Transforming Women’s Economic and Social Opportunities in Practice” (TWESOP), a project funded by the European Union and managed by the European Union office in Kosovo.
The purpose of the call was to Encourage the interest of experts, scholars, acquaintances, practitioners and youth interested in the field of equality and gender mainstreaming – applicants in this call, to provide works with innovative ideas in this area through the application of critical thinking
Relevant findings, argued for the causes of non-achievement of equality and gender mainstreaming, convincingly prove that the lack of implementation of the laws in practice and the mechanisms that assist their implementation, such as the effective work of parliamentary committees and subcommittees, are among the main causes.
The authors of the works selected under the aforementioned call – Nora Ahmetaj, Social Expert – with the work “Women’s War in Efforts to be Equal to Men in Kosovo”, Furtuna Sheremeti, Expert on Criminology and Criminal Justice – “ Women And Men. Getting Together For Women”
and Fjolla Vukshinaj, Politolog with Analysis and Recommendations on Gender Budgeting “work, break the silence of the” magic circle “.
Policy papers can be downloaded in the following link: