Partners Kosova organized one-day closing conference “Inclusiveness and Gender Equality: Findings, Achievements, Challenges and Opportunities”, an activity of the 28-month project: “Transforming Economic and Social Opportunities for Women in Practice “/ TWESOP, EU-funded, Office in Pristina. Partners Kosova has successfully implemented this project in three Kosovo municipalities: Viti, Obiliq and Fushë Kosovë.
While the purpose of this conference was to present the findings, achievements, challenges and opportunities during the implementation of the abovementioned project, in close cooperation with the project target groups: Gender Equality Officers at Municipal Level, representatives of different Municipality Committees and the representatives of various departments, women the assembly, representatives of NGOs from selected municipalities in the project, and other relevant groups interested in strengthening gender equality: the Agency for Gender Equality, the Kosovo Women’s Network, the Lobby for Gender Equality and other NGOs contributing to various gender equality issues in Kosovo.
This conference was organized in House of Europe in Prishtina