About the project

Transforming Women’s Economic and Social Opportunities into Practice – TWESOP is a 28months project implemented by Partners Kosova in three  project locations, such Viti/Vitina, Obliq/Obilic and Fushë Kosovë/Kosovo Polje aiming to provide support to Local Governments,  CSO’s,  Women and men from project locations Local institutions, Gender experts in supporting  the application of gender inclusive policies and processes in Kosovo. Indicators for the overall objective are:  3 municipalities apply gender inclusive policies by 2019, such as gender budgeting; more women increase their standing in society, are socio-economically independent showcased by increased % of formal labor activity; less cases of domestic violence against women are reported; increased number of CSOs are included in gender policies on national and local level; more men provide support to gender equality in Kosovo.


The purpose of TWESOP is to advance and help adopt the new special measures to promote gender equality in Kosovo, on all major spheres in Kosovo life, by:

Strengthening capacities of municipal and local stakeholders (institutions, CSOs, experts) in gender inclusive approach by providing information on the practical application of the new gender inclusive methods (e.g. gender responsive budgeting and gender analysis), despite the ongoing sensitization by AGE. A point in case will be building the skills of the municipal gender equality officers within municipalities, who are mostly marginalized presently.

Enhancing cross-sector cooperation. This will be achieved by supporting local, grass-root CSOs in participating in local decision-making and building their capacities on new gender legislation and approach, together with other local stakeholders.

Introduction of innovative gender inclusive mechanism (that highlights the role of men) on local level that aims to increase gender equality on local level, in three pilot municipalities. Through this new, sustainable, mechanism, it is expected that both capacity of the key stakeholders and awareness of local residents on need for gender inclusivity will be heightened. The inclusion of men recognizing the equal role of women will be particularly highlighted through the Action, as a means for changing the stereotypes.

This project is EU funded project managed by the European Union Office in Kosovo